Bachelor of Science, Chemistry with Computer Science Certificate (December 2010)

  • University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • GPA: 3.15 (overall), 3.72 (computer science), 3.21 (chemistry)


Pinfire Labs - Chief Executive Officer (September 2012 - Present)

Lead operations and develop club management software for membership organizations, specially focused in the sailing space. Manage and oversee support, IT and development operations and work with account executives on business development projects. Club Manager is a comprehensive software package for membership organizations to sell memberships online, provide events for their members and track equipment usage.

Pinfire Studios - Owner and Lead Engineer (January 2012 - Present)

Provide software development engineering consulting for a variety of clients including Art & Logic, Doorway to College, Mobile Asset Solutions and Web Courseworks.


  • Act as programmer and lead developer on a variety of projects in the social media, digital asset management, product generation and e-learning fields.
  • Provide project management and development practices consulting to client in-house teams
  • Supervise and train in-house and external junior developers and supervise a variety of contractors including graphics designers, marketing staff and others.

Development milestones:

  • Designed a complete recurring billing system, online store and integrated device management functions for a GPS tracking company.
  • Designed a web-based proxy server utilizing live Javascript sandboxing and rewriting to make major sites such as Youtube, Facebook and more work through a proxy without needing any local software installation
  • Designed a recurring billing system with affiliate and referral marketing for a VPN provider.
  • Designed and programmed a mobile web SAT/ACT preparation application
  • Designed software to offer custom surveys and track prospects at gyms and other recreational facilities
  • Designed and created a social networking site to share life's experiences.
  • Created a mobile-compatible web view of digital photography assets.
  • Designed a HTML5 asset view with the ability to handle thousands of assets and capabilities such as ranking, sending, uploading, downloading and organizing.
  • Wrote custom extensions and themes for Moodle
  • Designed a Facebook app to order custom products (notebooks, ipad covers, etc..) with a user's or friend's picture on them
  • Worked on facilities management software for a major consumer electronics company

TrafficCast, Madison, WI – Software Engineer (September 2010 - February 2012)

  • Lead developer on multiple projects
    • Coordinated with sales team to determine priorities and distribute amongst engineering team.
    • Performed code review for new developers.
    • Trained new developers on all aspects of our systems and development practices.
  • Designed web application for a Fortune 10 auto company to provide real-time, in-car and voice-activated traffic information to customers.
    • Load tested to support 250,000 concurrent users, designed to support millions. 
    • Created custom Drupal modules with API integration to legacy Java system, in-car voice systems, combined authentication system (SAML) and multiple map vendors. 
    • Led project from creation of schema to converting designs/wireframes into finished application.
  • Developed web-based system to manage deployment, monitoring, calculations, real-time and historical data display of roadside-deployed sensors.  Integrated real-time maps, graphs and XML API. 
    • Designed multi-server processing queue to perform long running data processing tasks.
    • Optimized complex SQL queries to reduce load on systems over ten-fold and highly reduce report generation time.

TrafficCast, Madison, WI - IT and Software Development Intern (May 2010 to September 2010)

  • Managed IT infrastructure for over 15 Linux servers. 
    • Led project to virtualize servers and create multiple development, testing and production systems
  • Overhauled source control practices on multiple projects.
  • Created and designed monitoring system for field-deployed roadside sensors

Outdoor Programs Office, Wisconsin Union, Madison, WI – Software Developer (February 2009 to December 2010)

  • Developed web-based system for 2,500 member outdoors club to track and sell memberships online, post and manage events/classes, track and check out equipment, track ratings and work time and generate complex reports.
  • Managed two assistant developers and coordinated with representatives from various Wisconsin Union and University departments to assess and implement each club’s needs.

Leadership, Organization and Community Service

Hoofers - Technology Chair (May 2009 to December 2010)

  • Wholly responsible for IT infrastructure for 2,500 member outdoors club with $1.5 million combined annual budget and 7 subsidiary organizations
  • Managed Linux servers hosting club/team websites as well as above mentioned membership system
    • Created off-site backup and replication system to ensure constant availability of systems
  • Provided general IT support and training to Outdoor Programs Office and Hoofer leaders
  • Sat on governing board overseeing operations of 6 clubs and 4 teams with combined operating budget of over $1.5 million, serving over 2,500 members annually

Open Source Contributions (2007 - Present)

  • Contributions to Drupal, log4php, Open Flash Chart, Mono, ipod-sharp, taglib-sharp, ffmpeg-sharp and other projects

Hoofer Sailing Club – Webmaster, Development, Education and Marketing Chairs (2008 – 2011)

  • Served on governing board of, and in various volunteer positions for, 1,200 member community and university sailing club with $350,000 combined annual budget
  • Taught both dinghy and keelboat sailing as volunteer sailing instructor