Marketing and E-commerce Site For VPN Company

A complete content management, subscription management and marketing website for

Browser-based Web Proxy

Complete browser-based anonymizing proxy featuring native video and HTML5 support, with high compatibility with many modern websites and no need for any browser plugin our outside software installation.

Subscription, Customer and E-Commerce Platform for GPS Tracking Company

A multi-phase, continuing project building out a complete e-commerce, subscription and order fulfillment system for a hardware/software company offering GPS tracking devices. Focused on building a system for continued success for the company, training junior developers and establishing development best practices.

RecHub / Club Manager

RecHub (formally Pinfire Labs' Club Manager) is a complete system to manage all the needs outdoor membership organizations. Capabilities include: point of sale, membership tracking, online membership purchase, event signup, ratings management, equipment tracking (inventory, reservations, checkout), maintenance tracking, complex reports and more!

Vocabulary Challenge

The Vocabulary Challenge application is a mobile web application written for a midwest based SAT/ACT test preparation company. It includes a responsive front-end which helps the student learn different SAT/ACT vocabulary terms through term review, challenge questions and achievements.

Agricultural Marketing Website

The agricultural marketing website was a custom website done using Drupal 7. Features included a completely custom, responsive theme, dealer finder, custom configuration guide and integration with Campaign Monitor for custom emails.


Gymput is a complete software package to conduct surveys and track prospects at gyms. It includes a dynamic survey engine, robust analytics and prospective member tracking. From the minute they walk in to the door to when they sign up for a membership, Gymput tracks their progress.

Online SAT Test

The online SAT test is an interactive practice test designed for a midwest-based test preparation company. The online test consisted of all the sections of the SAT test, except for the writing section. The test provided interactive grading features and provided extensive feedback to the user. The test also includes a timer. The whole project was written as a Drupal 7 module and integrates with Drupal Commerce.

Facility Manager

Facility Manager is program to manage all the facilities requests of a major consumer electronic company. Features exist to manage maintenance, furniture and ergonomic requests. My work on the project includes email processing, search functionality, UI design and implementation and numerous bug fixes.

Facebook Personalized Gifts

After having problems with a previous software company, my company was hired to finish a Facebook application to take a user's Facebook photos and put them on personalized gifts such as iPhone cases, notebooks, etc... With only a few weeks to spare and a tight deadline, we were able to finish the application and have it out for the holiday shopping season.


CourseStage is Web Courseworks's proprietary port of the Moodle learning management system. My work on CourseStage included bug fixes, custom reports, email notifications, custom themes and porting extensions from Moodle 1.0 to 2.0.


XDAM is a digital asset management platform used by some of the major TV networks and other large clients to manage their digital photography, video and audio assets. Work on XDAM consisted of three projects: a mobile webapp designed to track and rank images, a HTML5 asset viewer capable of handling thousands of images and a customer-integration, customizing workflows and other parts of the application.

Reading Rainbow Android

Reading Rainbow Android is an interactive reading library for kids. It contains books, text-to-speech and videos. The project consisted of a port of a preexisting iOS app to Android to target the Kindle Fire.


UBMe is a social networking site that allows you to share some of the most trivial to the most fundamental experiences on your life with the world and give them a chance to see life through your eyes. Now you can go to and talk about what it's like to be a twin, ride in a hot air balloon, or hunt the ultimate game on the Savana.


BlueTOAD (Bluetooth Travel-time Origination And Destination) is a combined hardware and software system that detects Bluetooth signals from phones, headsets, music-players, etc... and uses those detections to determine traffic flow and speed.

Traffic On Demand

Traffic On Demand was a prototype, consumer facing web application built for a Fortune 10 auto company. The product was designed to provide online and in-car traffic information. ToD allowed users to set up common commuting routes and get route recommendations and travel times by email, SMS or in-car alert. In addition, the application provided traffic maps and in-car and online incident information.