Agricultural Marketing Website

The agricultural marketing website was a custom website done using Drupal 7. Features included a completely custom, responsive theme, dealer finder and custom configuration guide. It was written using Drupal 7 and Google Maps integration. Custom modules were written to add a dealer finder and configuration guide. Additionally, the views module was used extensively for various content filtering. Youtube integration was added for video nodes.
Additionally integration was done with Campaign Monitor to add custom email lists.

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Project Features

  • Dealer Finder

    The dealer finder is a custom Drupal module written using Google Maps to facilitate locating and contacting dealers for the parts manufacturer. It includes the ability to search for dealers within a geographic radius and contact them directly through the website.

  • Configuration Finder

    The configuration finder is a custom Drupal module written to allow a customer to select the proper parts for their combine. It includes a link to the dealer finder as well as multiple custom node types to facilitate easy end-user configuration creation.

  • Campaign Monitor Integration

    The website includes a custom integration with Campaign Monitor to allow customers to join the company's mailing list.