Club Manager

Pinfire Labs' Club Manager is a ongoing project started in 2008. It is a complete system to manage all the needs of membership organizations. It is now primarily marketed to outdoors clubs, especially sailing clubs. It was originally conceived and written for Hoofers at the University of Wisconsin, a group of 6 non-profit outdoors clubs with over 2,500 members annually and has now prospered into its own company.

The system includes all the capabilities needed to manage organizations of this size including:

  • Membership Tracking
  • Online membership purchase, both one time and recurring
  • Event tracking and online (paid) signup
  • Rating (user attribute) tracking
  • Equipment checkout, reservations and maintenance tracking
  • Linking of classes to equipment to save data entry and prevent double bookings
  • Point of sale system for on-site payments
  • Volunteer time tracking (work hours)
  • Various penalty enforcement options
  • Event-specific user attributes (hotel rooms, bus assignments, t-shirt sizes, etc...)
  • In-depth reporting engine
  • In-depth financial tracking including integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Quickbooks
  • Tracking of and enforcement of prerequisites for events
  • Responsive theme so the system works well on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Basic CMS features
  • Variable permission system allowing each club to see only its members and the ability to limit features to specific groups of people (club officers, instructors, regular members, etc...)

Technologies used include the Yii framework, jQuery, Bootstrap, Chart.JS and other open-source projects. Financial integration is provided with HigherOne's CashNet, Braintree Payments and Stripe.

Project Features

  • Reports
    • Run tailored reports on members
    • Generate statistics for events
    • Track equipment usage
    • Data Analytics
  • Membership Tracking
    • New members can sign-up online or at your location
    • Detailed member database with powerful user-search options
    • Track member participation and volunteer hours
    • Store members’ emergency contact information
    • Built-in e-mail lists
    • Track arbitrary information through comments on member profiles
    • Implement penalties as needed
    • Track user ratings or other attributes to determine equipment usability and skill level
  • Finances
    • Sell memberships or events online
    • Integrates with popular accounting software
    • Track income by running financial reports
  • Events
    • Create special events online. Events can be free or require online payment
    • Construct events for both members and non-members to increase your club / organization’s visibility.
    • Keep tabs on essential information, such as completion of forms or other requisites.
    • Integrate your events with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Equipment
    • Equipment check-out system allows you to loan equipment to members
    • Equipment check-out verifies ratings and membership to ensure only qualified members use your equipment
    • Reserve equipment easily online
    • Efficiently track equipment inventory
    • Submit and track maintenance requests online to ensure that repairs are done in a timely manner