Subscription, Customer and E-Commerce Platform for GPS Tracking Company

A multi-phase, continuing project building out a complete SaaS system for a hardware/software company offering GPS tracking devices (

Phase 1 involved a complete self-service billing portal offering customer activation of devices and a complete reworking of the device administration. Features include recurring billing with prorated rate changes, improvements to mapping and reporting, micro-services for integration with cell phone carriers and large scale integration of a legacy code-base into an modern framework. This phase involved both producing a REST API (for the carrier integration microservice) and consuming various REST and SOAP APIs (cellular carriers, ChargeBee, TaxCloud, Twilio, Zendesk).

Phase 2 involved building out a complete e-commerce platform for the company, allowing them to sell devices online and have a completely custom order fulfillment process, integrating device activation, shipping label creation, fulfillment with Amazon FBA, pre-activation of devices and prepaid service plans. This phase involves the creation of an OAuth2-authenticated API (creating both a server and client) to integrate e-commerce with the billing frontend, as well as a custom platform for packing orders.

The project is mainly written in PHP using the Yii2 framework.

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