Browser-based Web Proxy

Pinfire Studios designed a complete web-based proxy server for It allows you to browse the web anonymously and visit blocked sites including video and social networking sites. We were able to achieve site compatibility unseen with any other browser-based solution on the market with the goal of achieving a 100% compatible user experience with no requests being made to external services. We were able to get native video players working on many platforms and had great success with sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, even streaming in full HD. A number of technologies were used in this project including Javascript sandboxing and for unsandboxable-functions, on-the-fly server-side code rewriting. Content is delivered over HTTP/2 regardless of version of source content, leading to potentially faster mobile speeds than the native websites themselves. We also included a custom plugin to integrate AdBlock Plus' lists directly to our sites, blocking the majority of ads and tracking scripts. All of this was done without the need to download or install any application or browser plugins. The main languages were split between Javascript and PHP with some use of Python and LUA. Other technologies used include Redis and Nginx with LUA code running in-process with Nginx to achieve superior speed.

We also designed the customer portal for the company with subscription management, marketing analytics and radius integration. It was written in Yii2 and included numerous 3rd party APIs including ChargeBee, Intercom, Tapfiliate, Bugsnag and included a worker queue written with beanstalkd. It also included OAuth integration, both as a service and identity provider.

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