UBMe is a social networking site that allows you to share some of the most trivial to the most fundamental experiences on your life with the world and give them a chance to see life through your eyes. Now you can go to UBMe.com and talk about what it's like to be a twin, ride in a hot air balloon, or hunt the ultimate game on the Savana.

The site is designed to allow users to share various life experiences and connect people together who share them. Users can post their experiences on various topics and comment on other people's experiences. They can follow/friend each other or follow specific topics and are notified when those topics are updated or people post. In addition users can fill out their own personal profiles explaining what it is like to be themselves. Other features include Facebook integration and other social network posting capabilities. A backend console provides for easy moderation of posts by administrators.

The site was developed in PHP using the Yii framework. Other technologies used include jQuery, MySQL, jQuery UI and Facebook Open Graph API.

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