XDAM is a digital asset management platform used by some of the major TV networks and other large clients to manage their digital photography, video and audio assets. My work on XDAM consists of three projects over an 8 month period. XDAM is primarily written in PHP with extensive use of HTML5 and Javascript. Newer builds also include extensive use of the Yii PHP framework and jQuery Mobile framework.

Project Features

  • Mobile Approvals

    The Mobile Approvals project consisted of a mobile-compatible web application for talent users to approve or disapprove of photos. Features include a textual notes, floating thumbnail displays, a robust REST API layer, contextual search and HTML5 integration with the jQuery Mobile framework.

  • HTML5 Asset View

    The HTML5 Asset View project consisted of a port of the XDAM Flex asset viewer to HTML5. Features of this application include uploading and downloading images, email image delivery, image organization, image ranking, image search. Other features include dynamically resizing thumbnails, infinite scrolling and image metadata view. This project, along with Mobile Approvals necessitated the creation of a robust REST API, extensive use of jQuery and various jQuery plugins.

  • Customer integration - data management and customization

    My first project with XDAM was to link our system with a customer's CRM and marketing system. Their system provided templates for all aspects of the XDAM experience including projects, materials and components. We had to integrate with their system to provide a seamless experience between systems for the customer. Other work on this project included customizing workflows to the customer's needs and creation and modification of a IMAP-based notification tracking system and UI work redoing many of the project's pages to use the DWOO templating engine.